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Direct Mail Postcard (Spec)

Pure Impact Boxing Gym (fictional company)

Objective: Communicate with fitness conscious women and men ages 22-38 who need gyms with extended hours to accommodate their busy schedules. The postcard was intended to be exciting and urgent by offering a free 3-day pass to see if the gym is a good fit for them.

Press Release

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) - Orange County Chapter

Objective:  Alert local and national media that 5 California based Meeting Professionals International chapters were collaborating on a day of professional development and education.

Newspaper Ad (Spec)

Appleberry Farms (fictional company) 

Objective:  Communicate with parents of school aged children (K-12th grade) who struggle with busy schedules and trying to fit vegetables into every meal.  The newspaper ad was intended to be sincere, promotional, and friendly while offering a coupon to introduce her to this new product.


Newspaper Ad (Spec)

Green Gardens (fictional company)

Objective: Communicate with families who have kids seeking safe and eco-friendly neighborhoods. The newspaper ad was intended to be friendly, promotional, and sincere while explaining how this housing track was affordable and met their environmental expectations.

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