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Elevator Pitch & Video Script

Victory Productions


Objective: Create 2-3 sentence elevator pitch and 1-minute video script intended to introduce Hyvve, a revolutionary digital offering from Victory Productions. These elements were intended be used during sales pitches, on web assets, and promotional videos. 

Press Releases

  • Meeting Professionals International (MPI) - Orange County Chapter

  • Dynamics User Group  (DUG)

Objective:  Alert local and national media to upcoming events and recent staff additions.

Event Email Promotion

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) - Orange County Chapter

Objective: Communicate with potential event attendees placing emphasis on the importance of professional development during potential career changes.

A² was responsible for all text above CMP clock hours.

Website Copy

Styled by ABS 

Objective: Evaluate and revise full website copy to succinctly convey the benefits of working with Styled by ABS based in North Plains, Oregon. Styled by ABS' company voice is down to earth, relatable, genuine and sincere.


Event Attendee Prospectus (Spec)

Crunch and Munch Conference (fictional event)

Objective: Communicate with potential event registrant and provide them with a snapshot of the Crunch and Munch Conference, event offerings, and why attending will benefit both the individual and the company.  Intended to be informative and professional while summarizing the benefits of the conference. 

Event Justification Email

Crunch and Munch Conference (fictional event)


Objective: Provide potential event attendee with a justification email to use when approaching their supervisor for support to attend the Crunch and Munch Conference. Email intended to be informative and friendly while providing critical talking points to secure approval. 

Direct Mail Postcard (Spec)

Pure Impact Boxing Gym (fictional company)

Objective: Communicate with fitness conscious women and men ages 22-38 who need gyms with extended hours to accommodate their busy schedules. The postcard was intended to be exciting and urgent by offering a free 3-day pass to see if the gym is a good fit for them.


Newspaper Ad (Spec)

Green Gardens (fictional company)

Objective: Communicate with families who have kids seeking safe and eco-friendly neighborhoods. The newspaper ad was intended to be friendly, promotional, and sincere while explaining how this housing track was affordable and met their environmental expectations.

Newspaper Ad (Spec)

Appleberry Farms (fictional company) 

Objective:  Communicate with parents of school aged children (K-12th grade) who struggle with busy schedules and trying to fit vegetables into every meal.  The newspaper ad was intended to be sincere, promotional, and friendly while offering a coupon to introduce her to this new product.


Website Landing Page (Spec)


Objective: Communicate with women and men ages 18-22 attending college who are looking for tasty and convenient snack foods that do not spoil or go stale quickly. The landing page was intended to be fun, promotional, and urgent (time sensitive) while entering the contest and allowing Cheetos to collect email address for future promotions.

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