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It's Not What You Say.   It's How You Say It.

My Dad said this to me as a kid – a lot. The funny thing is, he was right (did I say that out loud?) His advice relates to both sassy kids and copywriting.

Most event professionals and vendors aren’t sharing the wrong messages; it’s how they’re sharing them. STOP overloading your audience with great features. START explaining how those features benefit them. How are you going to solve their problems, make their life easier?

If your marketing cannot quickly answer the question “why should I…attend, sponsor, hire you?” then you are likely missing out on new registrations, sponsorships, and customers.

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Why A² Services?

As an event industry veteran, I know how difficult it can be to step outside of the planning or sales process to tell your story succinctly.


We are an industry of jargon and acronyms, much of which isn’t understood outside of our business. I help translate events speak into easily consumable copy.

I am passionate about contributing to the recovery of the events industry. As we undergo extraordinary changes, I have spent countless hours understanding the role virtual and hybrid events will play moving forward.


Don’t push your event messaging to the bottom of your to-do list or stare at a blank screen; contact me today!



Annemarie Allain, CEM
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Orange County, California

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