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It's Not What You Say
It's How You Say It

My Dad said this to me as a kid — a lot. The
funny thing is, he was right (did I say that out loud?) His advice relates to both sassy kids and copywriting.

​Most event professionals aren’t sharing the wrong
message; it’s how they share it. If your marketing is
still glorifying your event features, rather than
highlighting the benefit you bring to attendees,
then it's time to give me a call!

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What Past Clients Say

"I have known Annemarie for 10+ years as an event professional and recently connected with her as a copywriter. Having just completed a project with Annemarie, I can safely say that her experience in the events industry is invaluable to the creative process and she expertly applies that knowledge to her writing. She asked detailed questions during the introductory meeting, communicated throughout all phases of the project, and returned a fantastic product that exceeded expectations. She is a creative, concise writer and I look forward to bringing her onboard for additional work with Victory Productions. I highly recommend that event organizers or vendors looking to increase registration, make sales, or gain sponsorship reach out to A² Services."

—  Bill McGlade, Founder & CEO, Victory Productions

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