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Annemarie Allain | Copywriter

Messaging that drives engagement

It's Not What You Say.
It's How You Say It.

My Dad said this to me as a kid — a lot. The
funny thing is, he was right (did I say that out loud?) His advice relates to both sassy kids and copywriting.

​Most professionals aren’t sharing the wrong
message; it’s how they share it. If your marketing is
still glorifying your features, rather than
highlighting the benefits you offer your audience,
then it's time to give me a call!

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What Clients Are Saying

Annemarie is such a pleasure to work with! She is always so thoughtful and creative in her work, asks important questions and researches accordingly, is adaptable to change and new writing styles, and is fun to connect with. Her passion for writing is reflected in every piece she works on, from social media posts to emails to event promotion and more. I’m consistently impressed with how easily she grasps the style of our organization and portrays our goals and aspirations so well in her writing. I 100% would recommend Annemarie to any organization in need of a professional writer.

—  Heather Doherty, Marketing Director, Oregon State University Alumni Association

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Like any true talker, I love a good chat.
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